How to Create a WordPress Blog Post Slideshow

Cara Membuat Slideshow Postingan

How to Create a Post Slideshow – If you are a blogger of course you definitely understand about posts, the purpose of the post is to provide information to the audience. The model of the blog article form varies, ranging from regular writing posts, there are also those that contain a slideshow of wordpress blog posts.

A slide show is a collection of several images that can be shifted sideways. The purpose of slideshows on blog posts is to save space if you need a lot of photos. How to make a slide show on wordpress is very diverse. Some use page builder plugins such as elementor, and some use additional plugins such as Slide Revolution.

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Create a Post Slideshow

This article will share how to create an automatic slideshow on wordpress in several ways. So that the appearance of blog posts becomes more interesting.

Namu in this article I will explain how to create a slider on the blog by using the elementor plugin.

1. Install Elementor Plugin

All you need to prepare to create an image slide on wordpress is to install an elementor plugin. You can install it directly on your website on or you can download it at the following link:

2. Create a New Post

The next step to how to add a slider on a blog is to create a new post that will be sliderd on the post. If you forget you can go to the page as in the following image:

Trik Viral How to Create a WordPress Blog Post Slideshow

Then select edit with elementor, after that we will enter the image of the slide show post into the elementor editor.

3. Inserting Karusel Image Elements

After entering the elementor editor page you just have to drag and drop the karusel image elements as in the image below to insert slides in the blog.

Trik Viral How to Create a WordPress Blog Post Slideshow

After that, to create a Slideshow Blog Post you just have to choose the photos you want as in the following image:Trik Viral How to Create a WordPress Blog Post Slideshow

And make sure the settings on the image size become “Full” and on the Slide are shown to be “1” or according to your wishes.

4. Enter article writing

After creating a photo slide on the blog, the next step is to include the content of the article in your post by dragging and dropping the text editor element like the previous way.

Trik Viral How to Create a WordPress Blog Post Slideshow

After that you just need to enter the text of the article, and set the headings on your post as usual. After everything is done just press update or publish on the bottom left.

Well that’s an easy way to make an image slide on wordpress blog, if there are questions related to the installation of slides in blog posts do not hesitate to ask the comment field yes.

The following is an example of the Results of Slideshow Blog Posts obtained:

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